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two police officers have been shot. police are just about to hold a briefing. ktvu's matt keller has more. matt, what have you learned? >> reporter: we are moments away from another briefing here. just outside the perimeter of the crime scene. we are waiting on an update from chp. about of minutes ago they told me two officers were shot. a van from the coroner's office is here. officers say the scene is still unsecured. they are going door to door in
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the crime scene area. we saw an armor vehicle come through in the past 30 minutes. i did see two women from a preschool. there is a lock down there. they also told me they heard of the first initial shooting then another 50 or so gunshots. there are other schools in the area. i just spoke with the sheriff's spokesperson anarchy told me they are going into all the schools and putting every child -- and told me they are putting every child on a bus. each of those five schools within this perimeter, including the junior high, preschool, elementary school, they are loading those children on a bus and they are going to be taking them to the county building where they are going to be reunited with their parents. it is a very active scene with officers telling me they are still looking for another suspect. as you can tell, new details coming out, especially with how people are doing with people who are caught inside this
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crime scene area right now and how they are going about getting them reunited for students at several of those schools here. matt kill r., ktvu channel 2 news. >> okay, matt. you go to that police -- keller. ktvu channel 2. >> we did talk to one concerned parent whose daughter attends the preschool nearby that is under lock down. >> as i was assessing it from across the street, it was about 40 to 50 gunshots near the proximity of the front of the school where our daughters are. >> the preschool was ordered under lock down. all the students are safe. matt keller from ktvu, going back to talk to police. they are expected to hold a news conference momentarily to talk about the three people who were shot. two of whom were police officers. it is a cold case that is
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eight years old. employees say there are no new clues in the death of a nasa engineer. new at 6:00, ktvu's allen rasmussen is at the spot where the loved one's body was found. ally. >> reporter: friends and family have gathered here. they are in the middle of a player in this vigil that they are holding. it is very windy. they have come together for this vigilful individual -- vigil. this is where he was shot dead. almost a decade later the family hopes investigators will some day be able to solve this cold case. >> they can't believe eight years have gone by with no information on her son's killer. it hurts so much she told me. for us there are no real family celebrations anymore.
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everything changed. back in 2005, the 29-year-old was a father of two, just a couple weeks away from marrying the mother of his kids. >> he would be telling me about how he was working on these ceramic times and how when the shuttle enters the atmosphere, he had to make sure they didn't fall off or anything. >> the night of february 26th, 2040, he left his grandmother's home. neighbors found him slumped over in his car the next morning dead from a gunshot wound. the family says he had no enemies, but had gotten into an argument with a man that sold him a used car. >> my son thought he was just joking. he said he would kill him. who would kill somebody over a car. police say there are no suspects mean to leads in this cold case. >> we just want justice. we just want this person to pay
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for what he has done. we can't move on. we need this person to be punished for his crime. >> reporter: the family is urging anyone with information about this murder to contact san francisco police. live in san francisco, ally rasmus, ktvu news. workers at the transfer station say they found a man's body at the facility. these pictures were found as investigators looked for evidence this afternoon. the employees discovered the remains this morning. officials have not released the name or cause or death. it appears an east bakeapple seemed to mission has been found alive -- east bakeapple that was missing has been found alive and well. why the family is not conferenced. >> reporter: word has spread -- convinced. >> reporter: the family says it
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is just rumors they have been found. we knocked on the door. garrett hand's mother says let me reiterate, until we have proof of life we cannot celebrate these rumors and sightings. proof of life is my son's voice and a picture of him. he and his girlfriend jamie neal were on a bike expedition in peru. the couple had been communicating throughout the trip. that communication came to an abrupt end on january 25th. jamie neal worked at the peddler bike shop. her boss says he received word today that police found the couple on a boat in a remote part of the country without telephone or internet service. he says he heard the come had no idea they had everyone so -- couple had no idea everyone was worried. >> we were aware of all the possibilities that were bad. abduction, harmed, enslaved,
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you know, held for ransom. all those things. hit by a car. they ear cycling, right? we were worried about bad things. >> reporter: he says he is hearing the couple is still in that remote part of rerue but they should be in an area with telephone and internet as early as tomorrow. until then we are hearing the family is putting any celebration on hold. we have been trying to get in contact with the consulate to get an update on this. my colleague amber lee is working then t -- on this for the 10:00 show. we will have more. be sure you stay tuned for anymore details on when, in fact, this couple has been found or whether they have been found. life in concord, christian caplan ktvu news.
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>> you can follow us online 24 hours a day. san jose police are hoping someone as found a missing elderly man. police say his wallet and identification were found at his home. they say he may be suffering from dementia and could be with a woman named regina butler. he may be driving his 1996 thanousone ford taurus with california license plate 3pqf 984. jury convicted a woman of first degree murder in the shooting death of her exboyfriend. prosecutors say she killed him in february 20/10 because she was upset over their failed relationship. a mistrial was declared on the same charge last year. wright is expected to be sentenced to life in prison. dozens of prominent republicans are now speaking out in support of gay marriage. among them, four former governors and two members of
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congress. the group is submitting a brief to the u.s. supreme court in support of a lawsuit seeking to strike down proposition 8 which is california's ban on same sex marriage. the group includes meg whitman who supported prop 8 when she ran for governor in california. also todd whitman and steven had ley, an adviser to former president george w. bush. a heated debate about race relations during these final days of black history month. rob roth from ktvu is live on the campus where the author says he didn't mean to supset anyone. >> reporter: it is a piece that ran in the san jose state university newspaper, the daily spartan. the headline, plaque history month is re-- black history month is redundant. it is causing quite a stir. >> i didn't mean to offend
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anybody. it's just a stance on something. i knew people would take it the wrong way. >> with february designated as black history month, he wrote that in his opinion there is no longer a need for it. especially now that americans have elected an african american president. >> black history is kind of in the curriculum already. so, why have month that separates back history when it is unified into american history. >> many african american students are upset. >> to uplift our people out of slavery and jim crossing regreat lakes that was a 400 year process. the. >> they also published opinion pieces in support of black history month. >> we looked at it as a teaching moment as much as anything because it's an opinion piece. we're supposed to have freedom of speech.
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>> various african american student organizations have been planning a march through campus to commemorate black history. >> all the conversation that it is starting. >> i don't like that we have to be disrespected for a conversation to happen. >> reporter: rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. palo alto says they expect to pay a big government loan way ahead of schedule. it is a $465 million loan from the energy department by 2017. if that happens, tesl a will cut the loan in half. the electric car maker made its first payment of nearly $13 million last december. waiting for an update from
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santa cruz police where two officers and a suspect were shot. rping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ]
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[ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] lost at sea or a frustrating hoax? the coast forward is exploring both possibilityings tonight
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after calling off the search for macing sailboat and four family members who made a distress call on sunday. ktvu'seric rasmussen is live where he has been checking with the coast guard officials this afternoon. eric. >> reporter: they say they have received no new information to convince them to resume the search. that original distress call came from the kind of radio similar to the ones we use here in our news vans. the coast guard was able to determine the call was relayed from the water, but that's really the only evidence they have had to go on. >> the second commander has made the determination to suspend active searching on the case. >> out of lead and out of time. the u.s. coast guard said it found no evidence of a sailboat with four family members who called for help on sunday. >> we are abandon ship >> the overlapping series of lines match each of the passages made by first responders who spent the last
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two days searching for the missing boaters by air and sea. now investigators have to consider whether the call was a hoax. >> we're not investigating it directly as a hoax, but i will say we are pursuing every avenue. it certainly is a possibility. >> it wouldn't be the first time. just listen to a crystal the coast guard received off the coast of new jersey last year. >> three deceased, nine injured. we have had an explosion on board. that's why we're taking on water. >> an intensive search found no people, boat or debris. >> if it is a hoax you think of all the time, energy and money that went into this. >> long time boat owner told us it wouldn't be difficult for someone to pull off a hoax using a hand-held radio, but he calls it a sad case either way. >> reporter: the coast guard says its investigation is far from over and it has prosecuted people for making false
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distress call. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. more now on the developing news involving two police officers and a suspect all shot in santa cruz this afternoon. ktvu's matt keller joins us on the phone. matt, you just got out of a police news conference. what did you learn? >> reporter: it was run by the sheriff's office. say that i had with great sadness they were announcing that those two officers who were shot have died and one suspect has also died from this shooting here in santa cruz. now, the sheriff's department says that santa cruz police officers were doing an investigation here when that shooting occurred. they say they are not releasing the names out of respect for the officers' families. it is unit investigation. the sheriff's department, the chp and the santa cruz police
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department are investigating this. the sheriff's department announced that they are taking over patrols for the city of santa cruz at this time just to allow the department to mourn the loss, again, of two of their officers. kevin vogle, the police chief says the department is in mourning over two exceptionally fine officers. there are three schools within the crime scene perimeter here. they say they were locked down and now are in the process as i told you a little bit earlier. they are in the process of putting them on buses, all the students involved and bringing them to the county building so they can be reunited with their parents. this is also an important thing that we were waiting for an update on them because they were dealing with this as an active crime scene here. they said there are no more outstanding suspects at this time. they do not believe there is any danger to the community. but with that said, the sheriff
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did say they are doing a home by home inspection within the perimeter. he also said it was a closet by closet inspection. that's the latest. two confirmed deaths in the santa cruz police department. two officers shot and killed today and one suspect also shot and killed. live in santa cruz, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we'll get back to matt a little bit later. our exclusive new ktvu field poll shows that carolinianstns continue to show strong support for the state marijuana law. 72% of voters say they approve the 1996 measure that legalized the medical use of marijuana in california. 25% say they oppose it. 58% of california voters say they would support having a dispensary in their own community. in the bay area that number is even higher at 65%. a federal appeals court in san francisco has ordered a
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group of protesters to halt its attack on japanese whaling ships. we showed you the video last week of two groups. the activist claim their vessel was rammed by the whalers. but late this afternoon the 9th circuit court of appeals found whalers are likely to win tear federal suit seeking to ban the group from disrupting the annual hunt. plenty of sunshine. we have weather systems out in the pacific, but they are not going to impact us. the main bulk of the jet stream as we pointed out here. portland, getting snow in the cascades. nothing for us. that's how it is going to go the next few days. temperatures are mild. it is 65 in antioch. that is pretty warm for february. coming up on 6:18. very warm out there. mild. as you head out, it stays mild. then temperatures about 9:00, 10 will start to come down back
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into the 50s. overnight lows, upper ofs. low 40s. frost we have been seeing as well. temperatures tomorrow will increase over the numbers we saw today. temperatures today were on the warm side. plenty of 60s and low 70s. 36234 santa rosa tomorrow. tomorrow is a lot like what we had today. highs for tomorrow, add 3 degrees. temperatures tomorrow, some mid 70s. lots of upper 60s because of this high pressure that i showed you. the secret stream going north sending rain and snow in the cascades. this high stays with us. the air sinks, the air warms. the air produces temperatures like these. atomorrow up in napa. 73 in pairfield. 74 in antioch with 68 in oakland. unreasonably warm weather as we head into your bay area wednesday. cooler start with mild days.
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forecast, very dry. we're not seeing a lot in the way. as you look in the 5 day, there is nothing here. the next five i have being yellow as well. not looking at any significant rain headed our way. i guess you enjoy it while it lasts. hope the rain starts getting together pretty soon here. >> let's hope so. thank you, bill. today is an especially proud day for all of us here atk . oakland mayor has declared today rita williams day in the city. rita is retiring from ktvu after 35 years. we can say with all certainty we are so proud to call her our colleague and our friend. coming up on bay area news at 7:00, on tv 36 we are following breaking news in santa cruz where two police officers have been killed in a gun fight. also the mayor has made his
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next supervisor choice. what do voters say. that's coming up at 6:00.
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mark is here now with
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sports. boy, an interesting development involving the oakland raiders. >> well, it could be. any operation you care to mention you can never have enough brain power. for the radishes it has been confirmed by a couple -- raiders are very interested in adding that man to the force. that is a familiar face to all football fans and a local product. mike holgren has had a comb interviews with the raiders talk -- couple interviews. he wouldn't be a general manager, but remember, he worked with their current general manager. both were with the green bay packer organization and they worked together well. in fact, one of the holgren potential jobs will be to help the raiders put together a stadium plan for the future. in the meantime, the sharks with regard to their future, they have to start winning. they have to score some more goals. they got off to a sensational start. 29 goals when they started tear first seven game undefeated. be since then, get this, only
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12 goals in their last 10 games. since that 7-0 start they are 1- 6-3. it's not just goals they need to score, though, says the coach >> our team needs to find ways to win. scoring is part of it. i put up some numbers the other day. they were 1-2, 1-3. 2-1. in that range. one of our players astutely picked up that those numbers were the goals we were giving up. so, yes, we can win with those numbers. we can win playing well defensively but we have to find ways to score goals. >> the sharks will be hosting down in san jose. the warriors are if progress against indiana. a little brawl broke out in that game, in fact. we will have that for you as well at 10:00. >> mark, thank you. more on that developing story. in just the last 10 minutes we have confirmed two santa cruz
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police officers were killed this afternoon during a shootout with a suspect. authorities also say the suspect was also killed. >> as you've heard ktvu's matt keller is on the scene gathering more information about that shooting that happened in a santa cruz neighborhood. we will have complete coverage coming up on the 10:00 news.

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